October Fox Hunt


A Fox Hunt was held Saturday 10/28/2017

The following people participated in the October fox hunt

  • Ben Burris – KC9QEW
  • Andrew Clark – KC9RVO
  • Steve Benson – KD9ILY
  • Jeff Davis – K4BXX
  • Logan Davis – KM4DCS
  • Andrew Mackey – KC9BZL

It was a very chilly morning but we hung in there and worked through some issues working as a team. We decided to do a triangulation rather than breaking into separate teams and competing to find the fox.  Andrew had created an app for his iPad which would serve as the main map and would perform the triangulation function.  There were problems with the app which made it take longer to get the headings entered correctly, but in the end he and his partner calculated the needed bearings.  Andrew also had his batter problem bite him once again, and he only had an idea of which way the fox was before his radio died.

Andrew was unable to use his radio, so his partner phoned Ben and stayed with him to relay information between stations to get a final fix.  It took a while to determine the fox was in over towards New Lisbon.  Once that was figured out it went much faster to work out every teams heading to narrow it down until we were able to put the fox at the new fire house in New Lisbon.


The hunt lasted until 12:00pm.  Although we were cold everyone agreed when we got back together again at the Field House parking lot that we all had a pretty good time.